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Native iOS mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, watchOS, tvOS), backend applications (Go, Docker) or responsive websites (showcase, e-commerce), I bring more than ten years of expertise for your digital projects.

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Above all human

My name is Cyril and I would be happy to support you in the development of your digital projects.
It is important to keep in mind that Human is the basis of any project and I will be the guarantor of this spirit.


During my previous experiences, I had proof that confidence, respect, listening and humility are the basement of the success of any project.
Empowerment and transparency are essential to motivate, to involve and to liberate each member of your team to carry out projects.

Senior Developer at OVHcloud

Arrived in 2010 at OVHcloud, I actively participated in the establishment of the mobile pole with the management team. For more than eight years and in an international context, I managed ambitious projects such as MoMi iOS, hubiC iOS and macOS (Objective-C, Swift, Xamarin), SDKs or experimental projects (VoIP, connected watches, TV). I worked with the project teams, UX/UI, QA and translators to ensure that the different versions were put online successfully.

Web Developer at Akena

During eighteen months I deepened my skills in web development (front and backend), databases, systems administration and Linux servers and SEO.

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Master 2 In Computer Science

Graduated in 2008 of Master 2 Professionnel en Technologies Nouvelles des Systèmes de l'Information et Décisionnels at the university of Valenciennes, France, I strengthened my software engineering skills during long-term internships in innovative start-ups.

Entrepreneurship Certification

Certified in 2019 of Build and drive an entrepreneurial project from BGE Hauts-de-France, I have solid knowledge in market research, financial management, communication and marketing to lead to many large-scale projects.

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iOS Mobile Applications

Development and/or update of native iOS, WatchOS and tvOS projects. Support for the last two major versions of iOS. Languages Swift & Objective-C.

iOS Tech Leader

Management of a team of developers on native iOS mobile projects (up to four developers). Software architecture Languages Swift & Objective-C.

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Front-end Applications

Development and/or update of web pages and interactive functionalities. I adapt quickly to any front-end framework. Languages Javascript, HTML, CSS.

Showcase/E-commerce Websites

Set up of a static showcase website or a dynamic e-commerce website: code, copyright-free icons, hosting, domain names. Texts and photos not including.

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Backend Applications

Development and/or update of backend applications. I adapt quickly to any back-end framework and deployment tool. guage GO. MongoDB, MySQL databases. Docker & Ansible deployment.

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Chief Technical Officer

You are starting a new digital project and you want to be accompanied to quickly and calmly set up your infrastructure and your front-end, backend and/or mobile applications.


Implementation of innovation processes centered around your customers and your project team. Lean Start-up Methodologies, Innovator's method.

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For any additional information or request for a quote for your digital project, you can contact me by e-mail, telephone or via social media. I will answer you quickly!

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